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The POWER of FIVE - ACHR's listed properties* are posted in:

  • Southern Adirondack MLS

  • Adirondack Champlain Valley MLS (formerly known as the Clinton County MLS and the Northern Adirondacks MLS, which merged in '06)

  • St. Lawrence Region MLS

  • Greater Capital Region MLS

Each property is exposed to over 6,500+ agents all working in cooperation to sell your property.  This coverage means maximum MLS coverage for you, the property owner.  Other agencies, on average, participate in one, perhaps two MLS systems due to price and area coverage.  At ACHR we participate in five MLS systems to maximize your property's coverage.

* Open status listing agreements are not permitted into MLS systems per the Board regulations.  Discuss with your agent which type of agreement is best for your needs.

  • INTERNET EXPOSURE with Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. means exposure to over 1.1m+ hits per year ('08 status) to a targeted real estate audience, not just general directories and lists.  Our Internet is designed for consumer simplicity of use and searchability, combined with matching the algorithms of major search engines like Google. 

  • Each branch office has their individual web site in order to cater to the local area.  Plus we have specialized sites for our various departments (forestry, auction, property management, exclusive buyer's program, log home sales, and our global marketing office in the United Kingdom).

  • Properties listed with ACHR are, also, posted on satellite sites such as, LoopNet, Homestore, Builtforus, forsalebusiness, BizBuySell, My Home Shopper, Home Seekers, Craig's List, Trulia and many others.   We don't stop at just our web site!  We maintain thousands of links!  We post your property with many other services, including Google Videos. Ask your ACHR agent where you'll be listed!  Or review our on-line CD presentation (click here)

  • Our Internet marketing has produced about 80% of our sales, so our marketing theory is "No Stone Unturned" and we give this media 80%+ of our efforts!




Advertisement - While the Internet marketing produces 80% of sales, we still believe in the old fashion print.  ACHR advertises in the many local real estate guides. These are guides that the tourist take home, and the publishers have a wide local distribution network.  In addition to our local real estate guides, ACHR produces it own catalog which is distributed at our office locations and provided by free subscription.  Our ACHR catalogs are printed on a 'as needed' basis.  We'll never have outdated catalogs to distribute.  Brochures and flyers are customized for all our advertising in-house on color digital equipment by a Desktop Publisher Designer.  We advertise in local newspapers and national magazines (as needed) to improve our client's marketing exposure.

Marketing - We reach beyond the MLS, the Internet, and the local guides to hunt and seek out prospects for our clients.  Some examples: 1) Our professional agents seek out non-MLS agents and out of area agents and invite them to co-broke with us, 2) occasionally, we  create custom brochures and flyers for special mailings for the 'one-of-a-kind' properties, 3) we post flyers in our store front windows where there are live agents on duty, 4) post signage for drive-by exposure of your property and provide the "Talking House" or brochure boxes to properties (when available), 5) each property is digitally photographed to expedite delivery to our Internet customers and/or creation of CD presentation, 6) each property has its own personal agent assign to them, backed by our the entire ACHR team, and 7) owner's properties are matched with our extensive 'customer waiting' list.


Professionals - Once we establish interest in your property, our Realtors are trained to follow-up on each prospect until they "close" the deal.   While sellers can use non-Realtors, do-it-yourself, or discount brokerages, sellers that engage with professional Realtors find more success in achieving, or exceeding their financial goals.   The old quote of "you pay for what you get" is still at work.  If you want to achieve your goals, start your marketing plan with a Realtor.















  • All our individual web pages have traffic analyzers; whereby, we can monitor the Internet traffic of each property, as well as track what search criteria the surfers personally utilized.  This provides valuable insight for the webmaster and agents. 

  • ACHR also sponsors an unique information/concierge web site titled "In And Around The Adirondack Park."  This web site is packed with information about the "fun" part of the Park which is probably half of the reasons why you are choosing to invest in properties in the Adirondack Park.  This site is our "work in progress" hobby to provide visitors information about every business, every site-seeing opportunity, and service in the Adirondacks, as well as a little story telling and sharing.  It's all FREE to both the surfer and the advertisers*.

  • Virtual Tour and Mapping on our ACHR's main site

  • COMING SOON ... ? We're not sure which new ideas will be arriving soon, but we guarantee you that we will be adding new 'added values' (see our added values).

*All Real Estate Agencies are omitted from posting, including ACHR


ACHR is proud to partner with the below companies/individuals.  We choose these synergy partners carefully in order to provide our clients with the best in the Park.   Clients are invited to utilizes any of these fine services.*

* These services are provided as ancillary services to our customers and clients.  Participation is not required.  ACHR does not hold any responsibility for the individual businesses' actions or pperformance. 

If you would like over 6,500+ of agents working to sell your home, and professional individual service, and creative marketing for your property, than consider contacting the agents at Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. at any one of our office locations, or fill in the form below and submit it directly.  An agent will contact you to see how we can help you.  No obligation.   All listings receive a complimentary comparative market study (if requested) to assess the property and to help develop a customized marketing plan.

We are more than 'just' a Real Estate Company

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