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How Much Is My Property Worth? 

What's a BPO? 

(Broker's Price Opinion)

Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. provides full Comparative Market

Analysis (CMA, a $99 dollar value) with all its properties listed.  This study is

to help to gauge the value of your home in today's current market.  Our

Professionals will help you understand the lows and highs of your property's

value in today's market place.   Every home tells a story, and we'll listen to yours.

When you list your property in the care of Adirondack Country Homes (ACHR),

our CMA fee is waived. 


We also offer BPO's (Broker Price Opinions, a $49 value) which are limited evaluations.  This fee is waived for our Internet Visitors.  BPO's are helpful to determine if the timing is right to sell.  BPO's help determine the general sale's

value of your property.*


If you wish an agent to call you direct, please call any of our offices.   We are

pleased to be of service to you.










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