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Home Warranty of America, Inc.

Adirondack Country Homes Realty is now offering home warranty services to their sellers of residential properties.  Why?  Here are some reasons warranties help sell homes:


     1)  They help your home sell 60% faster than similar homes without warrantees.

     2)  Studies show that your home can sell for about 3% closer to your asking price.

     3)  They give you a competitive edge over homes sold without a warranty.

     4)  The minimize the chance of post-sale conflicts

     5)  They make the buyer feel secure in the purchase of their new home


Here is how it works:  Contact your ACHR agent for the small application form to review.  The brochure explains the coverage and the fees.  Your agent will discuss the benefits of this program and how well it helps with the marketing of your property.  Owners can opt to purchase this 13 month program when their property goes into contract.  Payment can be waived until the time of closing. 

This warranty program is provided by "Home Warranty of America", a well recognized homeowner's insurance program.    For more information view:


Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is a technology based real estate firm that will continue to implement state of the art systems to provide the best service we can to both buyers and sellers.  The home warrantee program is our latest offering.  We are constantly exploring innovative solutions to implement for the benefit of our clients and customers!












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