Saranac Regional Business Directory


Below are local businesses in the outer Plattsburgh Region (including Saranac, Redford, Clayburg, Dannemora) that our visitors and residents may find helpful.  This region is country, but enjoys being minutes away from city (Plattsburgh). For those who can't decide between country living and city living, this region is the best of both!  It gets better with Canada to explore within a hour drive!  Please explore. 


The Town of Saranac (not to be confused with Saranac Lake) is on the western edge of Clinton County resting in the Adirondack Park.  The town was named for its river, which was named for an Indian term meaning "river flowing under a rock" or "entrance of a river into a lake'.  The beautiful Saranac River (which begins at Saranac Lake, NY) runs through the town and empties into Lake Champlain.  Saranac River has been the history's life force for over 200 years with use before roadways, for log drives and then building of dams.  In the 19th Century, the hamlet of Redford produced high quality plate glass throughout the nation, by Redford Crown Glass Works.  These pieces are sought after by collectors.  In the 1800's, Saranac iron was praised for its quality and used in the construction of Civil War warships such as the Monitor.  In the 19th century, production of iron became uneconomical, and farming replaced the days of the forges.  Saranac rolling hills and valley vistas invite tourists to the Adirondack.  There are annual water canoe races, picnics and celebrations. 


Below are local business in the Saranac/Dannemora Region that our visitors and residences may find helpful.    Please explore.  Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience*.    Gold links presented by IAATAP (pop up windows)



A       Area Code 518
  Adirondack Chimney Service 191 Porter Road Morrisonville 573-6446
  Adirondack Jump Company 3 Ohara Road Scuhyler Falls 643-2779
  American Legion Wilson Road Saranac 293-7887
  Amikorika Inc. (Computer Repair) 210 Trim Road Morrisonville 561-9733
  Anything Masonry 3631 State Route 3 Saranac 293-1227
  Apple Valley Hydraulics 1737 Route 22b Morrisonville 563-3846
  Atkinson's Leasing & Management Company 1299 State Route 22b Morrisonville 643-0653
  Attorneys of Plattsburgh Region      
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Baker's Acres Campground Route 3 Saranac 293-7892
  Banking & Money Handlers      
  Bob's Electric Tool Repair 1059 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-5637
  Buhr's Americas (Mailing Services) 2114 State Route 3 Cadyville 293-8266
  Bull's RV Center 699 State Route 374 Cadyville 492-7007
  C & J Country Store Route 3 Saranac 293-1410
  Cadyville Westleyan Church 2206 State Route 3 Cadyville 293-7149
  Campbell's Greenhouse 35 Ryan Road Saranac 293-7972
  Chambers of Commerce      
  Chase Convenience Stores Inc. 4340 State Route 3 Redford 293-6201
  Chazy Lake (Contour map)      
  Church of The Assumption Parish Center 64 Church Street Redford 293-7328
  Churches of the North Country      
  Clinton Correctional Facility   Dannemora  
  Colver's Small Engine Works 216 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 561-8049
  Cobane Roderick Land Surveyor 1700 Guide Board Road Schuyler Falls 800-640-5263
  Courtney's Day Care Route 3 Redford 293-7622
  Culligan Water Systems Route 3 Saranac 800-400-0099
  Cycles North 87 Cold Brook Road Saranac 293-1216
  D C Auto Parts 1197 Route 374 Dannamora  
  • Playground, 492-7904
  • Clerk Office, 492-7000
  • Wastewater, 492-7944
  Dannemora Federal Credit Union 50 State Road Dannemora 492-2536
  Dannemora Ford   Dannamora 492-2525
  Dannemora Free Library Cook Street Dannemora 492-7005
  Dining in the Plattsburgh Region      
  Durocher's Garage Route 3 Saranac 293-8863
  Dutilly R. Douglas Roofing Contractors 135 Strackville Road Schuyler Falls 643-8841
  Earth Waste Systems 942 Mason Street Morrisonville 561-3577
  Empire State Mobile Homes 1398 State Route 3 Morrisonville 563-8722
  Fine Oil Company 842 Shingle Street Morrisonville 293-8338
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
Hemingway Log Home Builders Cold Brook Road Saranac 293-7082
Hi Falls Lounge Route 3 Saranac 293-8505
High Banks Seventh Day Adventist Church 918 Standish Road Saranac 293-6440
  Hometown Fitness and Health Center 30 Bouck Street Dannemora 492-2500
Hurd Songs Music PO Box 33 Redford 570-5153
  James R. Armstrong Agency (Insurance)   Dannemora 492-7923
  Jingles Country Cooking Route 3 Saranac 293-8272
  Jrs. Auto Repair & Welding 14 Rickson Street Morrisonville  
  Keybank   Dannemora 492-2561
  Kevin Smart Auto Sales 3215 State Route 3 Saranac 293-7073
  Lake City DJ Service   Schuyler Falls 643-8515
  Lawliss Investigative Agency   Dannemora 492-7592
  Lashway's Meat Market 538 Nashville Road Saranac 492-7273
  M and M Country Store 933 Norrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-7134
  Maggy Market & Pharmacy 1165 Route 374 Dannemora 492-7130
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marci Excavation Company 286 Sand Road Morrisonville 562-2845
  Marinas in the Park      
  Martin & Sons Auction Sales & Service   Morrisonville 561-0491
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Morrisonville Construction Inc. 1056 Mason Street Morrisonville 563-0890
  Mr. Modular 4732 Route 3 Saranac 293-8801
  New York State Children & Family Services Office 516 Morrisville Road Schuyler Falls 643-7188
  Northern Adjustment Bureau 3 Ilene Drive Morrisonville 563-4701
  O'Brien Video 84 Cook Street Dannemora 492-2297
  O'Connell Electric Company 235 Emmons Road Dannemora 492-2067
  O'Neill's Cleaners & Laundry 1924 State Route 3 Cadyville 293-1490
  One World Language Services 668 Pup Hill Road Saranac 293-7494
  Ormsby's Well Drilling Company 927 State Route 22b Schuyler Falls 800-479-9355
  Outfitter Plus 1135 Cook Street Dannemora 492-2086
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  R Tripp Trucking & Excavating 33 Mountain View Drive Dannemora 492-9253
  Rebecca Kelly Ballet 2876 Silver Lake Road Saranac 293-7608
  Redford Diner Route 3 Redford 293-6438
  Redford Logging Supply 183 Wilson Road Saranac 293-7820
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
  Robert's Sports Center   Saranac 293-6673 
  Rustique (Restaurant) 3223 State Route 3 Saranac 293-8416
  Ruthless Tavern At The Gate 1153 State Route 374 Dannemora 492-7621
  St. George's Church   Dannemora 483-5687
  St. James      
  St. Joseph's Church   Dannemora 492-7188
  S. Filion's Professional Painting 862 True Brook Road Saranac 293-1313
  Sally's Grocery 111 Mason Street Morrisonville  
  • Community Development, 293-6661
  • Garage, 293-7707
  • Town Hall, 293-6666
  • Central Elementary School, 565-5900
  • Saranac High School, 565-5800
  • Saranac Middle School, 565-5700
  Saranac Cooperative Nursery School 121 Emmons Road Dannemora 492-2448
  Saranac Hollow Woodworking 33 Chazy Lake Road Saranac 293-8424
  Saranac Valley Enterprises (Laundries) 3478 State Route 3 Saranac 293-7807
  Saranac Veterinary Clinic 3900 State Route 3 Saranac 293-8591
  Shadetree Farms (Beef) 82 Ryan Road Saranac 293-1674
  Shingle Street Sand & Septic 563 Shingle Street Morrisonville 643-2731
  Shear Magic 1095 Route 374 Dannemora 492-2656
  Siberian Rod & Gun Club   Dannemora  
  SRK Home Improvement 222 Mason Street Morrisonville 518-561-2955
  Styles Unlimited 58 Ganong Drive Saranac 293-7156
  Taylor Lake (Contour map)      
  Tedfords Inc (Auto) Route 3 Saranac 293-8585
  Threefold Janitorial Services 43 Campsite Road Schuyler Falls 561--0206
  True Insurance Agency PO Box 69 Saranac 293-8358
  TNT Auto Body Supply 941 Route 374 Dannemora 492-2677
  True Insurance Agency 2734 State Route 3 Saranac 293-8358
  Twinstate-Voice-Data-Video 291 Rand Hill Road Morrisonville 800-833-8000
  Under One Roof (Video) 1923 Route 22B Morrisonville 563-9395
  United Methodist Church   Saranac 293-8142
  Valley View Farm (Lamb)   Saranac 293-7337
  Wags Mobile Washing & Grooming Services   Saranac 293-7034
  Ward Cedar Log Homes Cold Brook Road    293-7082
  Windover's Home Center 3269 State Route 3 Saranac 293-7177
  Yellow Type Book for relocation      


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