Keeseville Regional Business Directory


Below are local business in the Keeseville/Chesterfield Region that our visitors and residents may find helpful.   Please explore.  Keeseville's past includesan industrialist little town, convenient to the City of Plattsburgh.  This area has the rocking climbing special "Poke-moonshine" ledges and state park, as well at its convenience to several small lakes and the great Lake Champlain at Port Douglas, NY.  Day tripping from this community is also convenient to explore many flavors of the Adirondack Park.  Please enjoy.


Underlined postings include hyper link for your convenience.    If you are a local business, and have a service that may help our Internet visitors explore the Adirondack Park, please contact us so we can post your business (FREE, NO CHARGE).  Please help us build this list so our visitors can know what Keeseville and Chesterfield Region area all about.  If you find a broken link or moved business, please help us police so we can better serve you.  Thanks.  We appreciate reciprocal links!



A       Area Code 518
  Accurate Insurance Adjusting Services Port Douglas Road Keeseville 834-9845
  Adirondack Farmers Market Coop 69 Thompson Road Keeseville 834-9036
  Adirondack Groomer 169 Ausable Street Keeseville 834-1144
  Adirondack Hardware 1698 Front Street Keeseville 834-9790
  Adirondack Hardware Rental 1 Kent Street Keeseville 834-9790
  Adirondack Heirloom Furniture 970 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7658
  Adirondack Litho 92 Kent Street Keeseville 834-1540
  Adirondack Mountain Spinners' Guild Mace Chasm Road Keeseville 834-2052
  Adirondack Vw Hobby Shop   Keeseville 834-7143
  Agency Insurance 187 D Pleasant Street Keeseville 834-5725
  Agoney's Mobile Home Repair 38 Ouelette Circle Keeseville 834-9026
  Alice Falls Corporation (Electrical) Route 9 Keeseville 834-3099
  Arnold's Grocery & Likker 182 Pleasant Street Keeseville 834 4692
  Ashley's Auto Repair 1082 Route 9N Keeseville 834-7488
  Attorneys of Plattsburgh      
  Ausable Meadows Farm   Keeseville 834-7660
  Ausable River Campsite 367 Route 9N Keeseville 834-9379
  Ausable Valley Health Center 1919 Route 22 Keeseville 834-9000
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Banks & Money Handlers      
  Barber & Sons Drywall   Keeseville 834-7914
  Bashaw Auto Repair 54 Clintonville Road Keeseville 834-7111
  Bear Interiors (Drywall) 229 Corlear Bay Road Keeseville 834-5501
  Betty's Hair Creations 190 Thompson Road Keeseville 834-7984
  Bezio Auto & Marine 1633 Front Street Keeseville 834-9283
  Bezio Francis Oil & Bulk Gas Pine Street Keeseville 834-7595
  Blaise Roland (Carpet Cleaning) 27 Ausable Street Keeseville 834-7827
  Bob Finnegan's Country Cafe 1874 North Ausable Street Keeseville 834-9570
  Bolton Acres (Mobile Home Park) Port Kent Road Keeseville 834-6000
  Bosworth Tavern Antiques & Knight Photographs 970 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7736
  Brinton, Bradford, Esq. 1728 Front Street Keeseville 834-7900
  Brown Michael Plumbing & Heating Mace Chasm Road Keeseville 834-4661
  Burns, Ryan P.E. - Upstate Design Associates 180 Pleasant Street Keeseville 572-0256
  Camp Shoshanan 838 Trout Pond Road Keeseville 834-6057
  Catholic Community Parish Center 1804 Main Street Keeseville 834-7100
  Chamber of Commerce       
  Champlain Valley Specialty 72 Thompson Road Keeseville 834-7140
  Church of the Nazarene Hill Hill Street Keeseville 834-9408
  Churches of the North Country      
  Clark, Debra, MD 1409 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7271
  Clark P. Ray Electrical Service   Keeseville 834-7489
  Clover Mead Farm (Cheese shop & cafe) 938 Mace Chasm Road Keeseville 834-7306
  Coca Cola Bottling Company   Keeseville 800-287-2652
  Collins Consulting (Business) 1760 Main Street Keeseville 834-9810
  Compaction Station Augur Lake Road Keeseville 834-7443
  Continental Adjusting Loss Services Port Douglas Road Keeseville 834-9845
  Cross Country Ski Center 1600 Front Street Keeseville 834-9990
  Curtains Curtains Curtains 24 Rectory Route 9N Keeseville 834-9812
  Dad's Video 89 Kent Street Keeseville 834-4628
  Dengler, Jeffrey J. (Accountant) 20 Hallock Hill Keeseville  
  Desotell's Floyd Auto Repair Shop   Keeseville 834-9103
  Dining in the Plattsburgh Region      
  Donna's Hair Styles Front Street Keeseville 834-9763
  Essex Box & Pallet Company 49 Industrial Park Keeseville 834-7279
  F O E Apple Country Aerie (Fraternity) 2058 Route 9 Keeseville 834-9604
  Family Fun      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Forster Clark M Insurance 85 Kent Street Keeseville 834-7946
  Francis Bezio (Propane) 1750 Main Street Keeseville 834-7315
  Friends of the North Country Inc. 1 Mill Street Keeseville 834-9606
  Front Street Fellowship 1724 Front Street Keeseville 834-7373
  Frontier Long Distance 1649 Front Street Keeseville 834-5222
  Fuller Steven Excavating 8 Chesterfield Street Keeseville 834-4617
  Griffith MD   Keeseville 834-5079
Hamilton Funeral Home Inc. 124 Clinton Street Keeseville 834-7667
  Hart's Home Improvement 145 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7752
Hatch Livingston Attorney 1790 Main Street Keeseville 834-7312
Head Start Main Street Keeseville 834-9418
  Holliday Travel Park 428 Route 373 Keeseville 834-9216
  Hospitals & Health Centers      
  Independent Baptist Church Route 22 Keeseville 834-9620
  International Garnet Abrasive Filtration Augur Pond Road Keeseville 834-9899
  Johnson Steve Electrical   Keeseville 534-0277
  Joyfull Sogs Music 96 Pine Estate Circle Keeseville 834-5674
  Kathy's Alterations 9 Smart Street Keeseville 834-4608
  Keeseville, Town of:      
  • Town Hall, 834-9059
  • Sewage Plant, 834-7238
  • Justice Office, 834-9211
  • Code Enforcement, 834-7040
  • Supervisor, 834-9042
  • Town Garage, 834-9056
  Keeseville Country Gardens Office (Apartments) 164 Hill Street Keeseville 834-7725
  Keeseville Dental 122 Pleasant Street Keeseville 834-7799
  Keeseville Elementary School   Keeseville 834-2855
  Keeseville Free Library 1721 Front Street Keeseville 834-9054
  Keeseville Head Start Clinton Community Center Main Street Keeseville 834-9418
  Keeseville Mobile 1736 Front Street Keeseville 834-9565
  Keeseville Pharmacy Inc. Front Street Keeseville 834-9054
  Keeseville Senior Center Keeseville Civic Center Keeseville 834-6033
  Keeseville Testee Freeze (Ice Cream) 75 Chesterfield Street Keeseville 834-7575
  Keeseville Veterinary Clinic Route 9N Keeseville 834-7311
  Keeseville Village 1790 Main Street Keeseville 834-9059
  Kilburn's Sunoco 352 Route 9N Keeseville 834-5794
  Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses   Keeseville 834-9390
  Knights Andrea (Antiques) 972 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7736
  Knights of Columbus 1435 Route 9N Keeseville 834-4689
  Frakes, Alfred (Fireplaces) Corner Sable & First Port Kent 834-6041
  LaBombard,Thomas PE Civic Center Keeseville 834-7729
  Lake Champlain Ferries Port Kent   Keeseville 834-7960
  Lamar, Harmon MD Hill Road Keeseville 834-7060
  Langlois-Racine Dance School   Keeseville 561-6544
  Lecuyer Harvey Lock & Key Service 29 Ben's Lane Keeseville 834-9829
  Lincoln & Whipporwill (Camps) 61 Whip Lincoln Lane Keeseville 834-5527
  Linda's Beauty Shop 28 Clinton Street Keeseville 834-9607
  Livingston Hatch (Attorney) 1612 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7312
  Loreman's Screen Printing Embroidery & Engraving 1599 Route 9 South Front Keeseville 834-9205
  Loya's Welding Augur Lake Road Keeseville 834-7604
  Maggie's Beauty Shop 19 Vine Street Keeseville 834-7291
  Maple Sugaring      
  Mark's Cayenne Grill 1734 Front Street Keeseville 834-7312
  Marsha's Homes Route 9 Keeseville 834-4626
  Masonic Temple Association Main Street Keeseville 834-5523
  Miller Homestead 1822 Stone Quaker Homestead Keeseville  
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Modern Tradition (Barber) 80C Pleasant Street Keeseville 834-9260
  Moonlight Auto Repair 6 School Street Keeseville 834-2247
  Moore's Flatwork & Foundations 208 Auger Lake Road Keeseville 834-9108
  NAPA Auto Parts-Keeseville 95 Kent Street Keeseville 834-7223
  Neverett Ford E. Inc. Used Cars Bought & Sold 1848 Main Street Keeseville 834-7879
  North Country Camps 395 Frontage Road Keeseville 834-5152
  Northern Car Crushers Ausable Road Keeseville 834-7817
  Northern Tree Service 44 Mace Chasm Road Keeseville 834-7852
  Northeast Mobile Home Brokers Route 9S Keeseville 834-7265
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Route 9 Keeseville 561-2515
  Picard's Electrical Service 77 Liberty Street Keeseville 834-2020
  Pray's Family Farms   Keeseville 834-9130
  Pray's Quality Builders 407 Augur Lake Road Keeseville 834-7534
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
  Rock's Trucking & Salvage 159 Pleasant Street Keeseville 834-7788
  Rogers, David (Kitchen Cabinets) 207 LaMountain Road Keeseville 834-5065
  Rose & Kiernan (Insurance) 1703 Front Street Keeseville 834-7227
  Russell & McCormick Attorneys 101 Clinton Street Keeseville 834-7700
  Sanders Fire Systems 1826 North Ausable Street Keeseville 670-4222
  Santor Alfred Plants & Produce 1834 Route 9 Keeseville 834-7787
  Second Street Signs 934 Route 9N Keeseville 834-4644
  Security Concepts of NY Inc. 71 Port Douglas Road Keeseville 834-1101
  Shay Donald (Electrical Contractor) 323 Augur Lake Road Keeseville 834-7717
  Shear Haven Beauty Shop Margaret Street Keeseville 834-7294
  Societies & Organizations      
  Spruce Meadow Landscaping 12 Bens Lane Keeseville 864-9171
  St. John's School (Pre-School) 59 Broad Street Plattsburgh 563-6330
  Stannard Pulpwood Sales   Keeseville 834-7165
  Stewarts Shop   Keeseville 834-9342
  Stoves & Chimneys 25 First Street Port Kent 834-6041
  Stuart Rowley Design   Keeseville 834-5739
  SURE CLEAN Janitorial Services (Health care/businesses)   Keeseville


  Tiger Stripe Paintball 1117 Route 9N Keeseville 834-5226
  Trombley's Garage   Keeseville 834-7497
  Unifirst (Uniforms) 15 Industrial Park Road Keeseville 800-536-4111
  United Methodist Church 1699 Front Street Keeseville 834-9918
  Upstate Design Associates   Port Kent 834-9898
  Vanguard Electronics 1598 Route 9 Keeseville 834-5067
  Videoville 1881 Main Street Keeseville 834-9509
  Wholesale Hardware 1698 Front Street Keeseville 834-4601
  Willow Hill Farm (Stables) 75 Cassidy Road Keeseville 834-5719
  Wholesale Hardware 1698 Route 9 Keeseville 834-4601
  Yellow Type Pages of Basic Services in the Park Services for relocation    


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