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Elizabethtown Regional Business Directory


Elizabethtown is the County Seat for the government of Essex County.  Rich in heritage, and bustling with governmental decisions of the Adirondacks for Essex County.  Below are local business in the Elizabethtown/Lewis Region that visitors may enjoy viewing.   Please explore and come visit.  Gold links presented by IAATAP (pop up windows) 


A       Area Code 518
  Adirondack Auto Service Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6386
  Adirondack Center Museum Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6466
  Adirondack Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6389
  Adirondack Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6386
  Adirondack Community Action Program (ACAP) 7572 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3207
  Adirondack Community Housing Trust (ACHT) 103 Hand Avenue Elizabethtown 873-3691
  Adirondack Council Church   Elizabethtown 873-2240  
  Adirondack History Center Museum 7590 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6466
  Adirondack KK Ranch Country 7573 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3209
  Adirondack Outdoor Company 8549 Route 9 Lewis 873-6806

Adirondack Professional Services

High Street Elizabethtown 873-2178
  Ace Woodwork Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6633
  Alvin Reiner Photography    New Russia 873-6834
  Attorneys of Plattsburgh Region      
  Aubuchon Hardware Water Street Elizabethtown  
  Auto Services of Plattsburgh      
  Baldwin ADK LP - Mountain Meadows (8 Units - Elizabethtown) PO Box 542 Schroon Lake 532-0144
  Banks & Money Handlers      
  Bar Harbor Music Festival Lewis Road Elizabethtown 222-1026
  Big Papa's Tackle Shop 9111 Route 9 Lewis 873-6727
  Boquet Development LP/Boquet Senior Housing (12 Units) 44 Lawrence Way Elizabethtown 873-6793
  Boquet Liquor Store Main Street Elizabethtown 873-6572
  Butternut Florist 15 Court Street Elizabethtown 696-2098  
  Camping in the Adirondacks      
  Chamber of Commerce's        
  Champlain National Bank 7558 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6347
  Charm's Hands (Therapeutic Massage) 8 William Street Elizabethtown 873-3270
  Children's Center of the North Country/Pyramids Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2471
  Church of the Good Shepard Williams Street Elizabethtown 873-6521  
  Churches of the North Country      
  Clothing Corner, The 8 Williams Street Elizabethtown 873-2077
  Cobble Hill Golf Course High Street Elizabethtown 873-9974
  Cornwright Lumber 354 Wells Hill Road Lewis 873-6582
  Countryside Fuels 234 Redmond Road Lewis 873-3297  
Crary Education Fund River Street Elizabethtown 873-6496
Curry L W Books Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-2631
  Day Habilitation Program 1 Wells Hill Road Lewis 873-9827
  Deborah's Beauty Salon 528 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-2629
  Denton Feed Store Route 9 & Stowersville Road Lewis 873-6719
  Denton Publication (Regional newspaper)     800-277-6567
  Dining in the Plattsburgh Region      
  Egglefield Ford Route 9 Elizabethtown 800-559-6551
  Elder, Daniel (Land surveyor)   Lewis 873-2634
  Elizabeth Electrical Service Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6841  
  Elizabethtown Town of:      
  • Highway, 873-2020
  • Justice, 873-2047
  • Town Hall, 873-6557
  • Post Office, Water Street
  • Fire Department,  873-9944
  Elizabethtown Circulating Library 8256 River Street Elizabethtown 873-2670
  Elizabethtown Community Hospital 75 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-6377
  Elizabethtown Community Health Center   Elizabethtown 873-6896
  Elizabethtown Lewis Central School System   Elizabethtown 873-9986
Elizabethtown Library Association River Street Elizabethtown 873-2670
  Elizabethtown Social Center 7563 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6557  
  Elizabethtown Veterans Clinic   Elizabethtown 873-3294
  Essex County ARC Park Street Elizabethtown 873-9829  
  Essex County Advocate Programs   Elizabethtown 873-9281
  Essex County Emergency Services (at the new jail facility)   Lewis  
  Essex County Family Court 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3326  
  Essex County Historical Society 8200 River Street Elizabethtown 873-6466
  Essex County Industrial Department   Elizabethtown 873-9114  
  Essex County Mental Health Services 7551 Court Elizabethtown 873-3670  
  Essex County Nursing Services Water Street Elizabethtown  
  Essex County Nutrition Program for the Elderly 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3690  
  Essex County Office for the Aging PO Box 217 Elizabethtown 873-3695
  Essex County Public Works 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3666  
  Essex County Probation Grant 100 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9536
  Essex County Real Property Tax Service 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3390
  Essex County Social Services 7551 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3490  
  46er Mountain Directory      
  Family Fun Directory      
  Farmer's Markets      
  Farmer's Market (behind Adk. Center Museum) Elizabethtown 946-7642
  Fire Towers      
  From the Ground Up Andrea Arnold Elizabethtown 962-8829
  G&G Abstracts Inc. Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2642
  Grand Union Food Market Court Street Elizabethtown  
  H&R Block Tax Services 8118 Route 9 Lewis 873-2498
  Hall, Kevin (Land surveyor) 307 Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-2049
  Hair Designs Water Street Elizabethtown 873-6492
  Hairs The Place 7 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3240
  Hanna Abstracts Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6413
  Head Shapes 10 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-6557
  Heart of the Adirondacks Flowers & Gifts 209 Water Street, Suite 2 Elizabethtown 873-3293
  Herbert, Savel MD Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2221  
  Hiking Trails & Resources      
  High Peaks Carpentry   Elizabethtown 873-9863
  Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAPS) PO Box 217 Elizabethtown 873-3816
  Hospital & Health Care Providers      
  Housing Assistance Program of Essex County (HAPEC) 103 Hand Avenue Elizabethtown 873-3691
  Industrial Development Agency (IDA) 7566 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9114
  Jackie's Frame Shop Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9164
  Jensen, Rosalynd (Dentist) Court Street Elizabethtown 873-3221
  Keene Valley Fire Department   Elizabethtown 576-4466  
  Kerrs Welding   Elizabethtown 873-9160  
  Kim's Carpet 8604 US Route 9   873-9169
  Kinney Drug Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6441
  Kristen B. Hardman Interior Design The Woodruff House Elizabethtown 873-6788
  Lewis Sand & Gravel Route 9 Lewis 873-2275
  Lewis, Town of      
  LW Currey Books 203 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-6477
  Maple Sugaring      
  Marinas in the Park      
  Marvin's WM Sons Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6713
  Meadowmount School of Music 1424 County Road 10 Lewis 962-2400
  Mehr, Peter DDS River Street Elizabethtown 873-6324
  Miniature Golf Courses      
  Mosey Makeover 8562 US Route 9 Lewis 873-9211
  Movers - (see Relocation)      
  Mt. Fay Fish & Game Club   Lewis 873-2622
  NAPA of the Adirondacks 7504 Route 9 Elizabethtown 873-6634
  New York Outdoor News Inc. 553 Roscoe Road Elizabethtown 873-2370
  New York State Environmental Conservation Forest Ranger Hurley Road Lewis 962-4670
  Norcon Mitchell Hill Road Elizabethtown 873-6720  
  Norton's Agency (Insurance) 111 Hand Ave Elizabethtown 873-6565  
  Northern Collision - Auto Body 473 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-6709
  Otis Mountain Music Festival   New Russia 962-8687
  Pack & Paddle Directory      
  Pierce's Service Station 707 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-2065
  Pleasant Valley Feeds Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2431
  Pulsifer Logging 518 Stowerville Road Lewis 873-2629
  Reale A P and Sons Inc. 707 Stowersville Road Lewis 873-6482
  Relocation Tools      
  Rock Climbing      
  St. Elizabeth Church Main Street Elizabethtown 873-6810  
  St. Joseph Rehabilitation 7573 Court Street Elizabethtown 873-9144  
  Shepards Blue Seal Feed 213 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2431  
  Shopping for Decorations      
  Serkill LLC Route 9 Lewis 873-6650
  Snow - anything snow related      
  Societies of the Adirondacks      
  Starving Arts   Elizabethtown 873-9860
  Stepping Stone Pyramids Preschool Court Street Elizabethtown 873-2471
  Stewart's Shop 98 Park Street Elizabethtown 873-2438
  Stinky Business Septic Pumping   Elizabethtown 962-8821
  Stoves and Chimneys 25 First Street Port Kent 834-6041
  Towaysinar 6 Bluff Land Elizabethtown 873-6438
  Turner Agency, Inc. 4 Osawentha Drive Lewis 873-2437
  United Church of Christ Court Street Elizabethtown 873-6822
  Upstate Agency (Insurance) Water Street Elizabethtown 873-2149  
  Utility Companies      
  Vaughan's Country Store 8762 US Route 9 Lewis 873-6719
  Veteran Clinic Elizabethtown Hospital   Elizabethtown 873-9986  
  Wayne's Gym Water Street Elizabethtown  
  Westport Health Clinic (Elizabethtown's outreach)   Westport 962-2313
  Wilson Appliance 4 Water Street Elizabethtown 873-9877  
  Woodhill Electric Simonds Hill Road Elizabethtown 371-2125  



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