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Auction Services For The North Country

Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc. is now pleased to offer its customers, Realtor colleagues, and clients real estate auction services at our High Peaks Office.  John and Jean Gokey, of Gokey Trading Post, North Hudson has joined the firm.  The Gokeys have been been specializing in estate and business auctions for over 20 years, and has been in the retail business for over 30 years.  Gokey's Auction Services is now able to sell real estate property as well as personal property.  They have successfully completed hundreds of auctions over the years and work with a staff of qualified and competent workers to assist them in making their auctions a success.  Estate auctions can be held onsite or at their modern facilities in North Hudson, at the Gokey's Trading Post outlet store and auction complex.

John Gokey graduated from Florida Auction Academy in Orlando in 1988.  He was formerly licensed in the state of Florida, where he was a member of the Florida Auctioneer's Association.  Currently, Gokey is a member of the National Auctioneer's Association (NAA), and the New York State Auctioneer's Association (NYSAA).  Presently, he is serving on the Board of Directors of NYSAA.  Jean is a member of the NYSAA auxiliary.  John and Jean are both members of the Ring Master's International (RMI) which is a professional auction Ring Man's Association.  Both are also graduates and members of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA).  In addition, the Gokeys also attend seminars sponsored by the state auctioneer's association, as well as continuing education real estate classes.

National Auctioneers Association states, "Auctions offer a fast-pace way in determining what price the market brings for your property.  With the combination of solid pre-sale marketing and the auctioneer's ear-catching chant, you could have enthusiastic, attentive buyers competing to purchase your property.  Often, items sell for far more than their estimated value."  "In comparison, placing an ad in the classifieds, or posting a "For Sale By Owner" sign, may garner only a lukewarm response or "tire kickers" just looking.  It may take months before you finally sell your property, and even then you may have to accept a price much lower than you had hoped."

If you as a seller, wish to discover this marketing course of selling your property, contact the Gokey Team at Adirondack Country Homes Realty for your FREE brochure our PRIVATE discussion.  All matters will be confidential, and NO obligation.  Explore the benefits of auctions at:   (click on logos for web site)

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